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It is the time for seasonally report. Recently, Chinese listed companies have announced their seasonably report. The main automobile companies have realized growth just like domestic automobile market goes. Haima Automobile profit has realized 80% to 130% growth over last year did. And Changan Automobile profit has realized 200% growth. However, compared with industry general growth, some automobile companies this season have loss, FAW- Charade my losses 180 to 220 million CNY.

Changan Auto has published its report for the first quarter of this year on night of 29 April. From Jan to March, the company has realized operating income of 12.19 billion CNY, which has increased 19.79% over last year. It has realized profit of 1.97 billion CNY, which has dramatically increased 265.57%. Earning for each share is 0.42 CNY.

At present, according to announcement published already, Haima expects net profit belongs to company share holders about 53 to 68 million, which has 80% to 130% growth than the same period of last year. Haima explains that it is contributed by product construction adjustment and Zhengzhou base sales increase.

Changan Auto says the investment income, operating income, total profit and net profit increase is contributed by its joint venture Changan Ford profit large growth. According to seasonally report, Changan Auto has realized investment profit by 2.07 billion CNY, which has increased 226.46% over last year.

Changan statistics prove that the company has realized net profit of 1.85 to 2.05 billion CNY first season, which has increased 237.19% to 273.64% over last year. Earning per share is about 0.4 to 0.44 CNY. Changan owned brand sales growth and Changan investment gain contributes it.

According to research by analyst of a security, the first quarter market performance of Changan Auto may becomes the highest point for the whole year because of the low base of the first quarter market performance of last year. With the sales growth since the second quarter of last year, company marker performance growth shall slow down. However, Changan Auto shall introduce couple of star products into market in April, which shall be expected by market as well.

Besides, according to SAIC Group joint venture sales for first season, the leader of Chinese brand is expected 15% growth still.

Changan Auto has published the progress of its Hefei Changan 100% share merging. Up to now, Changan Auto has finished all capital concerned and paper work registration by Industry and CommercialBureau. According to information, Changan Auto has announced that the company collects about 440 million CNY to merge the above shares by China Changan Group. It aims increasing capacity fast, and save capacity build lead-time cost. According to company plan, Hefeng Changan shall responsible for Changan Benben Mini, CX20 and Alsvin in the future, and it shall realize production and sales of 17 thousands, 78.4 thousand and 95.2 thousands in year 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively./

However, the general growth of automobile industry has slow down. Listed companies situation is different from last year as well. FAW-Charade’s belongs to shareholder net profit loss 180 to 220 million CNY. It reduces 278.40% to 209.60% over last year did.

FAW-Charade says that loss is because of company is under product construction transition period. It is influenced by consumer demand upgrade, cities limitation and national fuel subsidy policy. Economic passenger car industry is negative growth. Therefore, company production and sales are influenced. Meanwhile, FAW-Charade invests into Tianjin FAW- Toyota production and salve has reduced as well, which causes investment gain slide over last year.

Zhongtong Bus announces that net profit belongs to company shareholders around 184 million to 188 million CNY, which as increased 1410% to 1435% over last year, earning per sharing is about 0.77 to 0.79 CNY. Zhongtong Bus has realized 12.24 million CNY for shareholders last year. However, profit growth does not because of sales increase, but it sells shareholder of Xinjiang Zhongtong Estate Development Co. Ltd., which is listed last year. Income of the deal is 255 million CNY. Exclude the income, Zhongtong Bus profit is only around 4 to 11 million CNY./

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